9 to 10.5 M Telehandlers

Looking for a telehandler with excellent reach and a compact, manoeuvrable driving experience? Tiger Plant Hire in Swindon, Wiltshire has just what you need.

Our range of 9m+ telehandlers features models such as the JCB 535-95 and Manitou MT932. Both are ideally sized and weighted for lifting loads to impressive heights while maximising mobility and driver comfort.

Are Telehandlers Better Than Forklifts?

Like forklifts, telehandlers are used to lift and transport payloads on construction sites. Unlike forklifts, they can also lift loads up and over obstacles thanks to the telescopic arm that the loadbearing attachment sits on.

This makes them ideal for lifting loads when more control is necessary. Of course, this also means they’re a little trickier to operate, so be sure to hire an operator if you don’t already have an experienced driver on hand.

All in all, telehandlers are great for precise control of loads – but their larger size and more difficult operating requirements mean they’re not as compact, manoeuvrable and easy to use as standard forklifts are.

Why Would I Need a 9m Telehandler?

9m telehandlers offer an impressive lift height and an even greater maximum weight capacity than telehandlers with a shorter reach. The JCB 535-95, for example, can lift loads of up to 3500kg.

If you need to lift and transport loads with weights in that vicinity, a 9m telehandler could be for you. Just be aware that while they’re reasonably compact compared to other heavy plant machinery, their dimensions can still be over 2m wide, 2.5m high and 5m long.

Like other telehandlers, 9m telehandlers are great for their customisability. In addition to a forklift-like attachment, they can also be equipped with hooks, buckets and other parts to lift a variety of load types.

How Much it Will Cost to Hire a Telehandler

As with all plant machinery, the total cost of telehandler hire will depend on the size of the model and the length of the hire period. Shorter hire periods will cost more than longer ones, and larger, more difficult-to-operate machines will likewise have higher charges.

As a rough guide, you can expect to pay between £250-£500 per week for telehandler hire.

What Other Telehandler Sizes are There?

If a 9m telehandler doesn’t sound right for your needs, why not explore our other options: we offer 6m telehandlers for even finer control, and our options range from this starting point up to models with massive 18m lift heights.

For more tips and tricks, read our blog on the ultimate guide to telehandler hire.

Enquire About Telehandler Hire with Tiger Plant

Ready to get the ball rolling? Get in touch today and speak to our friendly team to explore your options for telehandler hire in Wiltshire. We’re passionate about what we do and take great pride in providing our clients with the right plant equipment for their needs.

Feel free to ask us any questions, such as what size telehandler you should go for if you’re not sure. Call us on 01793 352771 or email at hiredesk@tigerplant.co.uk today.

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