4 Forklift Safety Tips

4 Forklift Safety Tips

When you're managing a workplace, safety should be your number one priority, especially when you're using forklift vehicles. We admit that forklifts are very useful, as long as they are used appropriately and safely by operators who are properly trained and competent in using them. Because forklifts are very dangerous, a lot of workplace accidents involve people being hit or run over by forklift vehicles because the driver didn't see them.

Below are some tips to improve the safety of your premises and also to protect forklifts operators and those who work around them.

Starting up the forklift

For safety reasons, before starting the forklift the operators should make sure that he can reach all the equipment's controls, the seat position, and also the mirrors should be adjusted dependent on the driver's needs. Moreover, operators should not start the forklift until they are correctly seated with safety belt fastened and all parts of their body should safely be inside the confines of the operator's cabin.

Forklift training

The company should ensure that before an employee takes control of a forklift, they have
received the required training. Training programs can teach your employees how to properly operate a range of forklifts including side loading lifts and counterbalance. Furthermore, training can also help a new forklift operator to unite into your team's safety culture and learn the systems that are used at your space.

Examine equipment before use

Before driving them, forklifts operators should check the equipment. Other things you need to check are the steering, controls, warning devices, brakes, tires and mast. If you noticed any damaged or problems, inform your Management immediately and the forklift shouldn't be operated if it needs to be repaired.

Appropriate clothing

The operators should wear the right clothing for the job. Such as hard hat, work boots, safety shoes, high-visibility jackets and no loose clothing. This will make the operators visible, prevent them from any injuries and protect them in an accident.

Tiger Plant will make sure that your drivers get the best possible training for the safety of your workplace and also for the protection of your staff. Contact us today on 01793 886444 or email us at info@tigerplant.co.uk to find out more about the heavy duty forklift hire.

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