5 Expert Tips to Remember When Hiring a Forklift

Forklifts are extremely powerful and useful pieces of equipment that come with many options for different industries. Renting a forklift is now an option for businesses that have limited operational budget or for plants that only need to add more to their existing units to address an increase in seasonal workload. Unfortunately, hiring a forklift is not as simple as hiring a car due to several crucial factors that should be carefully considered first.

Here are some practical tips to remember when hiring a forklift.

Choose a Trustworthy and Reliable Provider

Work only with a forklift renting company that has a good reputation and business ethics. Do a background check. Do a site visit and talk to their experts. Ask around your industry about their clients and talk to them about how their previous experience was with them. Being painstakingly careful in this aspect will save you from headaches in the future.

Select the Right Type of Forklift for the Job

Know the specific applications and environments the hired forklift will be used in. Will the forklift be used indoor in a factory setting or outdoor for construction? This way, the company would be able to recommend the applicable forklift and the appropriate accessories. For instance, forklifts that will be used outdoor may be fitted with heavy-duty pneumatic tires or solid tires. There are also forklifts that come with an air-conditioned cab that would make working in either a hot or cold environment more conducive for the operator. This also involves considering specific height restrictions or if the doors of your building could fit the unit.

Ask for the Newest or a Well-Maintained Unit

Requesting for a new or a certified well-maintained equipment will lower the likelihood of the forklift breaking down while it is being used in your facility. Apart from preventing the hassle of a hampered workday, this also safeguards you from damage cost.

Inspect the Equipment First

Make a point of sending staff who will personally and diligently inspect the particular forklift you will be renting before it is delivered to your site. Take note of existing damages, if applicable. Take before and after photos of the unit as well for documentation.

Hire a Forklift Operator Too

It is a practical and logical move to hire a forklift operator from the same company that will be providing you the rented machinery. Doing so gives you the advantage of having someone who has prior experience in handling the rented machine, ensuring that the job is done smoothly and safely. This is also a brilliant strategy that guarantees the machine will incur no damage in your custody because it was operated by the provider’s own employee.

Forklift for Hire in Swindon

Tiger Plant has a fleet of top-of-the-line plant machinery, such as diggers, excavators, dumpers, bowsers, access, telehandlers, and forklifts for hire in Swindon. Aside from these proven effective and well-maintained plant machinery for hire, we also offer highly skilled operators for hire in Swindon.

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