Answering Your Questions About Telehandler Hire Costs

Answering Your Questions About Telehandler Hire Costs

When hiring plant machinery, the thing at the forefront of your mind – beyond what size of telehandler you’ll need – will probably be the hire costs.

It’s typically trickier to predict the cost of a telehandler as there are several factors that will influence this. To prepare you for hiring a telehandler, we’ve compiled this FAQ to give you some answers on how much you can expect to pay.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Telehandler?

There’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ telehandler hire cost; instead, this will depend on a number of factors. These are:

  • The size of the telehandler – its weight and maximum reach will play an important role here.

  • The overall length of the hire period – shorter leases will cost more per day than when hiring over longer periods. When hiring a machine for multiple weeks, you may not need to pay for days falling on a weekend.

  • Whether or not you hire an operator – telehandlers require a trained professional to use, so if you don’t have one on your team, you’ll need to hire a driver.

  • The plant hire company you choose – this is a key factor, as not all plant hire providers charge the same amount for the same machine.

A good rule of thumb is to expect to pay around £250 - £500 per week for your telehandler, varying based on the factors listed above.

However, note that this excludes operator hire, and there are a few additional costs you may need to bear in mind:

  • Delivery – some plant hire companies charge if you choose to have your machine delivered to your site. This additional charge will be balanced out by a lower overall cost of hiring the machine, though.

  • Refuelling – you’ll typically receive your machine with a full tank of fuel and be required to return it to the hire company with a full tank as well.

  • Insurance – it’s strongly recommended that you take out insurance on your hired telehandler to cover yourself in the event of accidental damage.

Do I Need to Insure My Hired Telehandler?

While insurance is not mandatory when hiring plant, it’s highly advised in the event the machine sustains serious damage (excluding minor dinks and scratches, of course).

If you choose not to, your chosen plant hire company will most likely require you to take out a theft and accident waiver policy for a small fee. Please note: this wouldn’t cover any excess cost you may incur in the event of accidental damage.

Why Do Telehandler Hire Costs Vary?

Telehandlers come in an array of sizes, from 6m telehandlers to much larger 17m telehandlers. These sizes indicate the maximum length of the boom, with larger trucks being the more heavy-duty machines. This in turn makes them more expensive assets, thus increasing hire costs the larger the machine.

Do I Need a Licence to Drive a Telehandler?

Yes. Telehandler operators are required by law to be properly trained on their use, as they can cause serious damage if used without the correct knowledge. It’s crucial you either have a member on your team who has the right licencing or hire an operator (most plant hire companies will offer this as an option).

Enquire About Telehandler Hire with Tiger Plant Today

Hopefully, this FAQ on telehandler hire costs will have informed and prepared you to get started. If you’re based in Wiltshire, Tiger Plant should be your go-to option.

Our hire process is simple, and our costs are fair, ensuring you save time, money and effort when hiring plant through us. Contact us today to get a quote and get the ball rolling on your telehandler hire.

If you’re looking for answers to more general questions, see our FAQ page or find out more in the Tiger Plant blog.

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