Choosing The Right Attachment For Your Needs.

Choosing The Right Attachment For Your Needs.

So you have decided you need to hire an excavator for your project in progress. But you still need to identify which attachment would be right for the job in hand.

There are a number of attachments available, and each has a specific purpose.

So first you need to work out what jobs you are carrying out in order to identify the best tool for the job.

choosing the right excavator attachment

Demolition Work

The attachments of choice for demolition work are Hydraulic or Fixed Pulverisers as they break through hard-standing and concrete reduction quickly and efficiently.

Additionally, a Demolition Multi-Attachment is designed for crushing reinforced concrete, and cutting rebar as the strong, steel, shear jaws can cut through metals.

Ripper Teeth attachments are great for removing stubborn materials and objects during demolition, quarrying or landscaping and Compactor Plates are used for driving in and pulling out posts and formwork.

Sheet Pile Drivers are also ideal for driving and extracting sheet piles, steel beams and girders.

Removing Material

There are a variety of bucket attachments which could be utilised for removing materials. A crushing bucket can help to sort through rocks, as well as crush concrete and other materials and facilitate removal from the site.

There are a number of different bucket attachments such as V-buckets, Tilting Buckets and Riddle Buckets. Speak to the friendly team at Tiger Plant to find out which bucket would be suitable for your needs.

Clamshell Buckets are useful for removing logs or loading spoil and Rotational Attachments are perfect for sorting and loading materials.

They have 360° rotation and hard cutting edges making them multi-functional.


There are a great range of attachments which are useful for carrying out digging including Augers which are perfect for cutting post holes, pre-drilling for pile driving, fencing, landscaping and specific construction work.

Clamshell Buckets are a great addition for speedy excavation. They have sharp teeth and have a 360-degree rotation and are perfect for landscaping, digging trenches, dredging and for digging downwards quickly.


For compacting soil in trenches or in the creation of embankments Compactor Plates or a vibratory wheel the tools of choice.

If you are still not sure, contact the team at Tiger Plant and we will be happy to assist.

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