Choosing the Right Digger for the Job.

Choosing the Right Digger for the Job.

You have identified that you need a digger to carry out your latest construction project.

But even a glance at the Tiger Plant website shows there are at least four types of diggers or excavators for you to choose from: the micro excavator, mini excavator, midi excavator and a crawler excavator.

So which digger is the correct one for the job at hand?

Essentially these four categories of digger relate to the size and power of the machine. The type of project you are carrying out will dictate the size of the machine required.

Micro Excavator

These are the smallest diggers on the market and are useful for accessing difficult to reach work sites.

They are compact and can fit through a standard sized doorway.

These are particularly appropriate for small home jobs, like laying a patio or landscaping a garden.

Mini Excavator

This is the next stage up from a micro digger in regard to size, comfort and power.

They are also compact and useful for garden works or small plot work but they will not fit through a standard doorway.

Midi Excavator

Midi excavators are five-tonne machines which have a cab for the operator. They are designed for larger groundworks or building works due to the increased size and power.

However, they also have a limited swing meaning they can often turn 360 degrees, with less than a 3-metre radius, so they are great for heavy works in a small space.

Crawler Excavator

A crawler excavator is great for moving large objects, large volumes of material as well as digging or grading. It is a tracked vehicle with blades mounted on the front, which can be changed depending on the job requirements.

If you are still not sure, give the team at Tiger Plant a call on 01793 886444 and we can advise on the best digger to get your job done.

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