Digger Hire - The Most Common Mistakes

Digger Hire - The Most Common Mistakes

It is rare that hiring an excavator is as simple as picking one you like the look of. More often than not, a fair bit of thought and consideration needs to be put in so that you avoid costly mistakes. Mistakes such as not checking site access, not hiring enough machinery or the incorrect machine for the job are all ones we’ve seen plenty of times.

Join us in this blog as we run through a few of the most common mistakes people make before hiring an excavator for their job. This blog may even help you create your own checklist for when you arrive at the plant hire looking to get some machinery for your job.

Machine Too Big For Site Access

One of the most common mistakes made when hiring machinery for a job is doing so without establishing what your site access is. While you may need the firepower of a 9-10 tonne dumper, is it going to fit through the small gates at the front of the site? This is thankfully where the versatility of Tiger Plant’s fleet comes in. We can offer dumpers ranging from 1-tonne all the way up to the aforementioned 9-10 tonne dumpers. When you’re realistic about what machinery can fit and operate efficiently on your site, you avoid any chance of having to return equipment unused.

Haven’t Hired Enough Machinery

Underestimating how much machinery is needed for a job is a common miscalculation that many make. For example, you may have measured your site access and hired the appropriate excavator, but you may have forgotten to hire the appropriate dumper to remove the rubble you’ve dug up. This is why we would suggest properly assessing and planning the job you have well before you begin to avoid mishaps like this.

Not Qualified to Operate the Machinery

There are going to be occasions when you need a certain bit of machinery but you and your team are not qualified to operate it. This again highlights the importance of sufficient planning ahead of time and assessing the situation in order to organise the appropriate solution.

Here at Tiger Plant, we can offer our customers the option to hire an operator alongside the machinery you are hiring. We are fortunate enough to have trained C.P.C.S qualified excavator, dumper truck and forklift operators. So should your job require assistance with any of these machines, we can supply a competent operator for a day fee.

Avoid any Mistakes with Tiger Plant

If you’re looking for a plant hire company in the Swindon/Wiltshire area, then Tiger Plant is for you. We can help ensure your job is done to the highest standard by providing high-quality machinery for hire. If you have any questions regarding hiring or our machinery, please consult our FAQ section. If you still haven’t got the answer you were after, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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