Top Tips For Laying Your Own Patio

Top Tips For Laying Your Own Patio

A patio can transform your outside space. Whether you’re planning an update to your garden design or creating a whole new area to entertain during summer barbecues, it’s important to make the process as straightforward as possible.

Here at Tiger Plant, we specialise in sourcing the machinery you need to complete your projects. Hiring equipment means that laying your own patio becomes less labour intensive and physically demanding. We are committed to delivering the highest quality equipment as well as sharing our tips and tricks from the industry - meaning that you can spend more time in the sunshine enjoying the finished product!

With a myriad of possibilities when it comes to designing, planning, measuring and excavating to suit your space, we are here to help you figure out how to lay your own cement patio.

How do I know what machinery I need to lay a patio?

Projects come in all shapes and sizes depending on the space you have available. The same goes for machinery.

There are some pieces of equipment that will be very useful for all manner of projects. For instance, dumpers and wacker plates are a staple part of a landscaping job. We’ve selected our favourite pieces of machinery that will come in handy for your next patio project:

  • Tracked dumpers: great for transporting materials, the tracked dumper is the smallest dumper in our fleet. Due to their smaller size, they are perfect for any garden project as they can get through side gates and areas with restricted access.

  • Wacker Neuson WP1550: prepare the ground for your new patio the professional way with a Wacker Neuson. Lightweight and easy to operate, they compact loose soil and rubble ready for you to lay cement or paving slabs for your patio.

For a complete transformation of a larger area, you may need a more heavy-duty solution.

How do I lay a patio in a larger outdoor area?

To get the most out of your machinery hire, you’ll need something that is able to handle excavating as much ground as possible to prepare for your new patio.

Here are our recommended excavators to suit your needs:

  • For smaller patio projects: residential areas lend themselves well to smaller diggers such as the micro excavator or mini excavator, due to their size and manoeuvrability. Most models are able to fit through a doorway or side gate and are more straightforward to operate compared to their larger counterparts.

  • For larger patio projects: if you have the space and are on a time crunch, we recommend hiring a midi excavator. These models offer increased power and digging depth, and newer models often come in more compact sizes. Meaning you’ll be able to transform your outdoor space at scale.

A final top tip from the Tiger Plant team - these larger excavator models are able to cover more ground in a shorter time frame, but they are a lot more difficult to operate. Alongside the hiring of a midi excavator, ensure that you have considered budgeting for an experienced operator to carry out the work for you.

Start your patio project today with Tiger Plant

If you’re looking for a plant hire company in the Swindon/Wiltshire area, then Tiger Plant is for you. We can help ensure your job is done to the highest standard by providing high-quality machinery for hire. If you have any questions regarding hiring or our machinery, please consult our FAQ section. If you still haven’t got the answer you were after, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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