Ensuring Telehandler Safety in Challenging Environments

Ensuring Telehandler Safety in Challenging Environments

The telehandler is a pivotal piece of equipment in construction, with its versatile and adaptable properties making it indispensable for many projects. Operating the machinery however, demands a high focus on safety measures – particularly in the challenging environments that come with construction. 

At Tiger Plant, our team understands the criticality of maintaining safety standards throughout telehandler use. See some of the top considerations for crews when operating this heavy machinery:

Top Safety Considerations When Using Telehandlers

Assessing Stability

The foundation of safe telehandler operations, ensuring stability before use is fundamental when operating a telehandler in demanding terrains or uneven surfaces. Before commencing any task, a comprehensive assessment of the ground conditions should be carried out and factors such as soil composition, gradient, and potential hazards given a full evaluation. Employing outriggers, stabilisers, or assessing the need for additional supports is key for maintaining stability and ensuring a safe operating environment.

Precision in Load Calculation

Load calculation is a cornerstone of telehandler safety. Overloading presents a significant risk, compromising both operator safety and equipment integrity. Prior to lifting any load, meticulous calculations must be conducted which consider the telehandler's rated capacity, load centre, and the weight and dimensions of the load required. Implementing a margin of safety within the calculated limits is recommended, to mitigate the risks of overloading.

Manoeuvring Safely

Navigating a telehandler through challenging environments requires skill and it’s important to always adhere to safety protocols when behind the controls. Make sure clear pathways are established, remove any potential obstacles and maintain a safe distance from edges or fragile surfaces. Operator training and familiarity with the telehandler's controls play an integral role in ensuring safe manoeuvring, especially if you plan to use the machinery in confined or congested spaces.

Prioritise Telehandler Safety With Tiger Plant’s Experts

Prioritising safety on your construction site should never be compromised. Contact Tiger Plant today for expert guidance on ensuring safe telehandler hire for your project. Our team is ready to provide tailored solutions, whether it's equipment hire, operator training, or safety consultations. Don't risk safety—make it your top priority with Tiger Plant.

Use Our Trained Operator Services for Telehandler Hire

At Tiger Plant, we prioritise safety above everything. Our telehandler hire services come with the option of hiring trained operators who possess the expertise and experience necessary to navigate challenging environments safely. Our professionals are equipped not just with technical know-how but also with a deep understanding of safety protocols, ensuring a seamless and secure operation of the equipment. 

To hire our operators for your next project, get in touch with our team today.

Trusted Telehandler Hire from Tiger Plant 

At Tiger Plant, we offer a comprehensive range of telehandlers and top-quality attachments to meet the individual needs for your construction project. With a track record of reliability and excellence in the plant hire industry, we pride ourselves on delivering state-of-the-art machinery that meets the highest industry standards and safety measures.

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