Everything You Need To Know About 2021’s Construction Trends

Everything You Need To Know About 2021’s Construction Trends

As is the case with any industry, there are noticeable trends to watch out for in construction. We don’t simply mean the popularity of hiring construction equipment, we mean trends such as contractors working remotely. Every year, we see the rise of specific trends and 2021 is no different. For example, sustainable and green design are big business this year. Many people within construction are now considering the impact a big build could have on the surrounding environment, and they are changing the way they do things in response to this. Similarly, antibacterial materials are becoming commonly used and they are now the ‘go to’ choice for many.

2021’s Top 3 Construction Trends

Sustainable and Green Design - There has been a big shift toward sustainable design and green design in recent years, and it’s something we are going to be seeing even more of in 2021. Sustainable and green design both focus on construction that takes the surrounding areas and rest of the world into consideration. This could be economic, social and environmental. For example, designing in a way that positively impacts lives or doesn’t use too many of the planet’s resources.

Antibacterial Materials - To prevent bacteria and other microorganisms from growing on building surfaces, a lot of the construction industry has taken an interest in antibacterial materials. Bacteria can have a negative effect on the cleanliness of buildings, and in turn it can endanger those inside. By opting for antibacterial materials, this risk is reduced considerably. Here at Tiger Plant we have implemented the use of sanitisation systems to help clean our fleet during its PDI process, ensuring our customers stay safe from Cv-19.

Contractors Working Remotely - You can expect to see a shift towards contractors working remotely in 2021, a trend that was growing anyway but has been boosted by the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent working restrictions. There are benefits for the contractors themselves, as well as the on site teams, so it’s easy to see why many people are favouring this way of doing things. Contractors working remotely is a convenient, cost effective and flexible way of doing things.

At Tiger Plant, we understand that the construction industry is always changing and evolving. This is why we offer a wide range of construction equipment, to ensure we have everything you could possibly need. Whether you are looking to hire an excavator or buy a dumper, we are here to help. To find out more about construction equipment, get in touch with the Tiger Plant team.

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