Everything You Need to Know About Forklift Hire

Everything You Need to Know About Forklift Hire

The Ins and Outs of Forklift Hire

Forklifts are popular and reliable pieces of plant. They can be found doing the heavy lifting (literally!) on almost any site. Most of us are familiar with how they operate: the driver sits in the cab, operating a forked lift that moves up and down the vertical mast.

When it comes to hiring one for yourself, however, there is some key information to be aware of. This ultimate guide to forklift hire will equip you with the knowledge you need when hiring a forklift for your project.

Forklifts Are the Ultimate Compact Plant

The maneuverability of a forklift makes them commonplace in warehouses and on restrictive or enclosed sites. They’re perfect for lifting and transporting heavy loads short distances and are capable of precise placement of said loads.

The Difference Between a Forklift and Telehandler

The key area in which forklifts and telehandlers differ is that telehandlers have additional load mobility. Not only can they move loads up and down, but also away from and towards the cab of the machine. This allows them to lift loads up and over obstacles and provides additional reach in certain areas (particularly outdoors).

They aren’t suitable for every occasion, as they lack the compact design of a forklift and are more expensive to hire. Read more about telehandlers in our Ultimate Guide to Telehandler Hire.

Avoid Making These Errors on Your Forklift Hire

These are some of the most common errors to avoid when arranging your forklift hire:

Hiring the Wrong Size

Understanding your site’s needs and ordering the appropriately sized forklift – be it large for heavier loads or compact for tight spaces – is crucial. A knowledgeable plant hire service will be able to advise you on the right size for your needs.

Not Considering the Fuel Needs of Your Forklift

Forklifts come in gas, diesel and electric-powered variants. Naturally, these all come with caveats: electric forklifts are not advisable for shorter jobs where you won’t have access to a recharging station, and diesel forklifts can be dangerous in enclosed spaces where you will be inhaling the fumes. Plan ahead and choose a forklift with the right fuelling solution for your needs.

Being Ill-Prepared to Operate The Forklift

Having a skilled forklift driver on your team is essential. An inexperienced driver can lead to costly damages. If you lack a designated forklift driver, it’s easy to hire an operator through your local plant hire.

How Much Will Forklift Hire Cost?

This will depend on both the size of the forklift and the length of the hire period. The price generally decreases the longer you hire the forklift out for. As a rough guide, a standard counterbalance forklift will cost from £90 per week for long-term hire, up to £250 per week for shorter hire arrangements. Trucks with a heavier lifting capacity will also run on the higher side of the pricing scale.

How to Hire a Forklift Through Tiger Plant

Forklift hire has never been simpler with Tiger Plant Hire in Swindon. If you’re looking for Wiltshire plant hire, you can quickly contact us and one of our friendly team will be able to guide you through the process and advise you on the right product for your needs if necessary.

Alternatively, you can call us on 01793 886444 or 07484 929611 to ask any questions about our plant hire or begin the hiring process. We look forward to serving you!

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