Everything you need to know about rollers!

Everything you need to know about rollers!

Before you can dive in and learn everything about rollers, you first need to know what one is and what it's used for.

Rollers are vehicles used to compact various site surface materials such as gravel or soil. Historically, the first road rollers were horse-drawn, but since the mid-19th century horses have been replaced by self-powered vehicles.

These first vehicles were steam rollers, developing into the range of rollers that can be seen today - rest assured, you won't need a horse to power any of the rollers here at Tiger Plant!

So, what are the different types of roller you can choose from, and which type will be the most beneficial for your project?

Common types of rollers

The most common type of roller is a cylinder road roller, which will have a simple drum or set of drums. The weight of cylinder road rollers can vary from two to eight-tonnes, and they are slow-moving.

A smooth wheeled roller will consist of a large steel drum on the front and between one or two wheels or drums on the rear. This can either be a tandem roller or a three-wheeled roller, and the benefit of this type of roller is it offers 100% ground coverage.

Another type is a vibratory roller, it is similar to the previous roller but it offers better performance. The most commonly used type for construction projects, the vibrations reduce air voids between particles, creating a denser layer. Vibratory rollers can weigh between four and six tonnes.

If you are looking for something that can move at a faster pace, look no further than a rubber-tyred roller. These work best on softer materials such as loosely compacted soil but are often used for road construction.

Those are just a few things you should know about rollers! Here at Tiger Plant you can hire a roller for any work you need - click here to see what we have to offer!

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