Government changes to Red Diesel

Government changes to Red Diesel

What’s happening?
As you may be aware the UK Gov’t have decided that they need to make the lives of the people in the construction industry much harder. What with Brexit, Global Supply chain issues and various lockdowns that they decided to completely disregard themselves, not even mentioning recent events in the East, quite frankly it was all a bit too easy for us to keep our businesses open and our families fed.

To that end they have decided to change the current legislation surrounding the use of Red Diesel in construction equipment.

Under current regs, rebated diesel is permitted for use in any machine that is not a road vehicle. We pay a different amount of tax then Joe Public on this product. The equipment you hire from us falls into this category.

In a bizarre and outrageous move, they have now decided that it’s a sensible idea to increase the cost of construction up and down the land by removing Red Diesel and insisting we all use White Diesel.
From the 1st April it will no longer be LEGAL to use Red Diesel in our machines. In fact, if even a trace of it is discovered in any of our fleet after this date, we will be slapped with a hefty fine & the equipment could be impounded.

What does this mean for our customers?
Unfortunately, we are now no longer able to sell the discounted Red Diesel. As I write this, we are down to about 1/4 of a bowser & that will quickly disappear. Once gone, and we have completely flushed, cleaned, and ensured no trace is left of the Dye used to colour this Diesel (shouldn’t be difficult at all should it?) we will be forced to start buying White Diesel. Those of you with combustion engines will be aware of how much this is costing at the present time.

What are we doing to help?
We are limited in what we can do to help here. Sadly, buying diesel in bulk doesn’t attract much of a discount anymore.
What we can do is offer affordable fuel storage solutions so you can keep your site running smoothly. We have a range of these from 125L Wheelie Bins, 250L fuel cubes all the way to 2000L double bunded bowsers with integral electric pumps. We have worked hard to buy these at prices where we can offer bowsers from as little as £20 a week.

Can you still use Red Diesel?
No is the answer. If we collect a machine from your site with Red Diesel in, we will have to charge you to flush the fuel system and remove all trace of the dye. Again, Govt bodies will likely be looking to pounce on Plant Hire co’s like ours and will be ready to slap the fines on.

From mid March we will be using White Diesel in all our machines and so the rate we charge will reflect the price you pay at the pump. Given the current Geo-political circumstances, we cant even suggest what price that may be.

This is quite frankly, another nail in the UK construction industry but as always, we press on & move forward.


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