Groundworks: what machinery do you need?

Groundworks: what machinery do you need?

Construction projects involve several stages before a building can be said to be complete. Before you put up a building or structure, it is important to prepare the sub-surfaces first. As important as any stage of construction - from demolition to completion of the structure - without proper preparation, the whole project can fail or problems can exist somewhere down the line that can be difficult and expensive to resolve.

Preparation is key: not only do you need to ensure that you have the properly trained staff in place, but you also need to make sure they have the tools they need to carry out the task in an efficient manner.

Groundwork covers many stages in construction. These include:

- Ground investigation

- Site clearance

- Substructure and ground stabilisation works

- Site services

- Landscaping

Each of these requires specialist equipment which is designed for many different aspects of the work involved. In planning a construction project, particular attention must be paid to each feature of the machinery and its suitability to the task in hand. You also need to choose the right contractors who have relevant training on each piece of equipment.

Common machinery used for groundwork stages of a construction project include:

- 180 degree backhoe loaders

- 360 degree excavators

- Loading shovels

- Compactor plates

- Forward tipping dumpers

- Ride on road rollers

Of course, there are many other pieces of machinery and tools that you need, so you'll firstly need to shop around.

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