How does a water bowser work?

How does a water bowser work?

Water bowsers are used in plants and construction sites for storage and transportation. They are available in different sizes and they can also be tailored to fit your needs. There are static water bowsers, site towable water tanks as well as highway towable bowsers. Here is what you need to know about operating a water bowser.

How to fill a water bowser

Filling the tank is pretty straightforward. Open the access lid at the top and simply fill the tank until it is full. Make sure that all the valves are closed when doing so to avoid wasting water.

How to empty a bowser

Water bowsers have taps or valves at the back that are used when emptying the tank. Jet washers and pumps can also be fitted to help speed up the emptying process. If you are using the bowser to suppress dust, you can use any of these three ways to do so. If the bowser has a fitted sprinkler system, turn on the water pump to push the water through to the spray bar sprinklers. This method is more expensive because the pump is powered by petrol. You could also rely on gravity to push out the water to the spray bar. However, for this to work, the spray bars have to be below the tank. Lastly, if your bowser has splash plates, you will require a pump to push the water out of the tank straight onto the plates, creating a whale tail effect.

Maintenance and cleaning

It is necessary to clean your water tank every two to three years. Check and replace any broken parts of the bowser, especially the valves and taps, to prevent leaking. Repainting the tank once you notice any damage will help prevent corrosion and rust.

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