How to Find Reliable Specialist Plant Hire

How to Find Reliable Specialist Plant Hire

Finding the right plant hire for you and your business needs can sometimes be a long and treacherous task. Identifying the one that offers all the services you need for the job, whilst ensuring well-maintained equipment as well as being affordable is essentially the task at hand. Unfortunately in this industry there are occasionally red flags to look out for when deciding which plant hire specialist to go with, but luckily we’re here to help identify them and suggest things you should be looking for.

Join us as we run through a few red flags in the world of specialist plant hire to look out for and why you should choose Tiger plant for all your plant hire requirements.

Machines are not regularly checked and maintained

If the prospective machinery that you’re looking to hire from hasn’t mentioned that they regularly check and maintain their equipment, it is definitely worth asking. If there is no sign on the website of maintenance on the machinery, you don’t have to panic just yet, but if they then say after you’ve asked them that they don’t, then this is time to look elsewhere.

Whether you’re looking for Excavators, Dumpers or Rollers, here at Tiger Plant we offer a wide range of machinery that is regularly serviced and maintained meaning you can fulfill your job to the highest standard without a second thought.

Reluctance to answer questions

There is the possibility that the plant hire specialist you’re dealing with is going to dodge your questions. This could be because they don’t want to lose your business but know they can’t deliver the result you want. This is another red flag, one to avoid. Whilst they may not be doing it with malicious intent, it will leave you dissatisfied with the machinery and thus doing half the job.

Thankfully, when you deal with Tiger Plant you need not worry about question dodging and vague answers. We have a comprehensive FAQs page where you can find the most frequently asked questions regarding your specialist plant hire. If the question you have is not answered by our FAQs, you can contact the team and they will help you find the best solution to your request!

Reasons to choose Tiger Plant for your specialist plant hire needs

We would say there are a million reasons why you should look to hire through us, but we are biased. So we will cover just a few reasons as to why you should choose Tiger Plant! We have a reputation built on 2 things, speed and quality. We pride ourselves on having the tidiest and safest machines and look to provide a swift and efficient service for our customers.

We also deliver our machinery to our customers site, so they don’t have to worry about transporting it to and from the site. We also fill up the fuel tank to the brim so it is ready to go straight from delivery.

If you’re looking for a specialist plant hire in the Swindon and Wiltshire area, Tiger Plant is for you. Get in touch with us today and let's get to work!

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