How To Use Telehandlers Safely.

How To Use Telehandlers Safely.

As with any plant, it is important to know how to use it safely to prevent injury or even fatalities.

Telehandlers, or telescopic handlers, are versatile machines which are used to lift pallet boards, concrete blocks, steel bars or other heavy materials to height or difficult to reach areas.

Some telehandlers can bear similarities to forklifts or cranes depending on the attachments used.

Before using a telehandler, or indeed any other plant, it’s important to take the relevant training course to ensure you are qualified to operate the machine safely.

When hiring any plant it’s a good idea to inspect the vehicle carefully to ensure it is in safe functioning order, as well as familiarising yourself with the controls.

In order to use telehandlers safely, it is important to be aware of their limitations. The higher the weight the lower the height reach so identify the limitations of the specific machine you are using.

Although there are variations in machine size, on average they can hold between 2,000kg and 5,443kg.

Overstretching the machine by trying to lift the maximum weight to the maximum height is likely to end in an accident and therefore should be avoided.

When driving the telehandler it’s important to keep the forks at least 30 cm from the ground. Pay careful attention to uneven ground and adjust the height of the forks so they remain at 30cms.

Telehandlers can reach speeds of 40mph, but they can be unstable on rough terrain. When going uphill only drive in a straight line. If you try to turn on a slope it can destabilise the machine. When the telehandler is loaded, have the fork at the highest level when going uphill and lean backwards.

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