Machinery and plant hire: top 5 FAQ's

Machinery and plant hire: top 5 FAQ's

Whether you frequently hire machinery or if this is your first time, you may have some questions you wish to ask about machinery and plant hire. To help you out we've listed the top 5 frequently asked questions about machinery and plant hire.

1. Can the machine be delivered to the job?

With a fleet of transport vehicles at our disposal, delivery can usually be arranged within hours. We can offer a quote on delivery based on the machine size and distance it needs to be transported.

2. What happens if the machine is damaged?

We don’t usually charge if the machine receives minor scratches, but serious damage such as dents, scratches to rams, panels or other parts would, unfortunately, result in a repair bill.

3. Do you provide insurance for the machine hire?

It is your responsibility to have the correct insurance. Clients are advised to ensure they have ‘hired-in’ plant insurance. For a small hire period, we understand that this may not be possible. If this is the case, we can provide advice if you call on 01793 886 444.

4. What size machine do I need?

This all depends on different things such as the type of job, the requirements and any access restrictions. We have a full range of machines from compact machines to earthmovers for quarry operations. As always, we recommend you call us for advice, and we can recommend the machine for the job.

5. Why do you charge for delivery?

Our delivery charges are to cover the cost of drivers, fuel and the trucks, this allows us to keep our hire rates a lot lower than other companies. These companies may be able to offer free delivery, but you will find the cost of hiring is a lot more.

If you have any other questions, feel free to get in touch with us at Tiger Plant - we’ll be happy to help!

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