Make safety a priority when hiring Access equipment and MEWPS

Make safety a priority when hiring Access equipment and MEWPS

Access equipment is often essential for construction projects that need to be undertaken at height. They can streamline the efficiency of a project and allow workers to complete work in places that were previously unreachable. Access equipment, however, if used unsafely can be very dangerous and potentially cause serious accidents. Below we look at two of the most commonly used items of Access Equipment & MEWPS (Mobile Elevated Work Platforms) and explore how to make using them safely, a priority…

Scissor Lifts

Scissor lifts work by raising a platform up and down using crossed, or scissor-like, beams. All employees who use a scissor lift must be given comprehensive safety training before they are allowed to use or operate a scissor lift, this includes being able to identify a safe location for a scissor lift to be placed. Workers should check the height and stability of the guard rail and ensure the maximum weight of the lift is not exceeded prior to entering the lift. Once the lift is in motion workers must not lean on or over the safety rail, even once the lift has reached its desired height.

Boom Lifts

One of the main differences between a scissor lift and a boom lift is the boom lift's ability to move horizontally, as well as vertically. Similarly to a scissor lift, however, it is essential a boom lift is only used and operated by trained workers. It is essential that workers using a boom lift wear a harness, do not exceed the safety limit and don't climb on the lift's outer rails. The circumference in which the lift can be turned must also be kept clear to ensure no damage or injuries occur.

Why should you make lift safety a priority?

If lift safety is not made a priority, workers are much more likely to injure themselves or cause damage to the surrounding area of the lift. This can cause project delays, legal penalties and heavy financial fines, making lift safety a clear priority.

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