Micro diggers can work perfectly for garden renovation

Micro diggers can work perfectly for garden renovation

There are several different advantages to using a mini digger for your garden renovation. With little noise and the ability to fit into tight spaces, you can have any work done in no time. Diggers can also be moved around easily, making digger hire the ideal option for many different sized projects.

Below are some garden jobs that are ideal for using a mini digger.

Breaking ground

Planning a new flower bed or gazebo site? A mini digger can easily break through the tough grass and dig up the area you need to lay foundations. It can also level out both small and large areas.

Digging footings for structures

If you want to build a structure, maybe a conservatory or a patio, you will first need to dig concrete footings. They can take days to dig out by hand, but a mini digger can easily handle this in a day.

Demolishing existing structures

You can use the mini digger to destroy and remove sheds and greenhouses. It can also demolish metal and concrete as needed.

Removing tree stumps

One of the bigger jobs when managing a landscaping site is removing any stumps from trees that have been cut down. These can be rather difficult to dig out, and nearly impossible by hand.

Dig ponds

Are you planning to add a pond or small pool to your garden? A mini digger can help you carve out the perfect shape, far faster than doing it by hand.

Fence post holes

A mini digger can handle the holes for you very quickly so you can dig and place posts as you go. Hand digging fence post holes is a very tough and slow job when done manually.

Turn over garden beds

If you want to mix fertiliser and compost into the soil, you can do this with a digger. It easily turns the soil and places the fertiliser where it will be of the most use.

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