Plant Machinery Hire: How does it work?

Plant Machinery Hire: How does it work?

Plant machinery generally describes construction machinery, including diggers, excavators, dumpers, forklifts, rollers and cranes.

Choosing the right machine for you

The first thing to consider is what size machine is best for your needs. Bear in mind factors such as the type of job the machine will be used for, job requirements and any access restrictions. There is a selection of machines designed to fit through doorways, there are also larger machines fit for work in quarries. Many companies offer excavators from 1.0 tonne, all the way to over 20 tonnes.

Delivery and Insurance

When hiring plant machinery, delivery of the equipment can be arranged direct to your workplace, often within a matter of hours. The cost of the delivery is usually calculated based on the size of your chosen machinery and the distance it will have to travel. The insurance of the machine is the responsibility of the hirer, and clients are advised to obtain their own ‘hired-in’ plant insurance. However, clients should note that this may not be feasible for a particularly small hire period.


Plant machinery is delivered full of fuel, and hirers should return the machine with a full tank of fuel. The hire cost of equipment often does not include fuel, but you can specifically ask where necessary. It should be noted that if the provider has to refuel the equipment upon its return, you will be charged for this refill.

Hire periods

Hire periods are based on the working week, with different day rates for Monday to Friday and for weekend hire. Sometimes your week hire can run into the weekend, which can incur a weekend charge on top of the weekly charge. The minimum hire period is one day. If you are planning on hiring for three days or more, it may be beneficial and economical to choose a weekly hire charge instead of a daily rate.

Tiger Plant offers plant machinery hire services that are focused on speed and quality. Providing tidy and safe machines to customers, along with fast action in situations where customers experience problems with their equipment.

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