Safety Tips For Operating An Excavator

Excavators are a big help on a construction site. However, it can put a life in danger when not used safely and properly. the Government is alarmed by the increasing number of accidents and damaged properties involving excavators each year and this is why they have issued strict provisions and regulations to be followed by the parties involved.

Accidents can be avoided by understanding and following safety precautions before, during and after operations.

1. Inspect and test
It's important that this lifting appliance is properly maintained to ensure that it's safe to be used. Furthermore, it should be inspected and tested thoroughly by the contractor before the operation to check its condition and effectiveness. Any deficiency should be escalated for remedial actions.

2. Check operating area
Before moving the excavation into position, it is necessary to check the ground to make sure it is levelled and compact to prevent further accidents on the site. Utility workers should mark the area for underground structures, the location of the slope, any opening and overhang. Excavations should never be used too close to the edge or trench.

3. Educate the operator
An excavator operator should understand the safety measures provided in the manufacturer's manual to have sufficient knowledge before operating this heavy equipment to prevent accidents on the job. They are responsible for checking the controls and the surroundings of the equipment to make sure no one is endangered once they start the operation.

4. Wear a seat belt
An excavator has only one seat and it is meant for the operator. A person without proper training and experience in operating an excavator should not be in control. Furthermore, wearing a seat belt is a must to provide comfort and security to the one operating it.

5. Shut down properly
The operator should make sure that the machinery is parked on flat and stable ground. If the excavator needs to be parked on a slope, the crawlers should be choked on the downhill side and made sure that it will not cause any traffic and inconvenience to other vehicles. Before shutting the machinery off, the attachment should be lowered to the ground. Additionally, the windows and doors should be locked and the break should be applied before leaving the excavator unattended.

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