Scissor lifts - what can they be used for

Scissor lifts - what can they be used for

Scissor lifts are machines with a platform that can be raised at a height. The platform consists of sturdy metal supports that criss-cross out as the lift is raised upwards.

Scissor lifts are extremely useful for those who need to work at height, access hard-to-reach areas or locate items high on a shelf. They offer a safer and more convenient alternative to using ladders.

There are different types of scissor lifts, suitable for different terrains, conditions, tasks and working environments. For example, a diesel-powered scissor lift is geared towards outdoors work such as on a construction site, while an electric one can be used indoors in a small space, such as an aisle of a warehouse. Choosing the right kind of scissor lift is crucial for the task in hand. Here are some situations where you might need to use this useful piece of equipment.

Construction industry

Any construction project that involves working at heights or lifting heavy loads, such as building or renovation work, will find a scissor lift indispensable for many tasks.

Maintenance work

Scissor lifts are also used for all kinds of maintenance tasks, in a wide range of buildings, such as hospitals or churches. These include jobs such as changing lights or making repairs. When outside signage or telecommunications poles need updating, fixing or changing, scissor lifts also come in handy.

Retail and warehousing

Large stores and warehouses that have lots of high shelves make use of scissor lifts to safely reach items that are kept at a height. Many businesses in the manufacturing and processing industries also store goods at height and need to lift and move heavy loads with the aid of a scissor lift.


Scissor lifts are an asset to any business in the transportation sector that needs to move pallets or heavy objects around. In particular, those in the shipping, freight and rail sectors rely on scissor lifts for many aspects of their logistics operations.

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