Self-build construction? Hire your equipment!

Self-build construction? Hire your equipment!

So you've bought the plot, commissioned the design from the architect, secured the planning permission and perhaps you have already started dreaming about moving in day. However, before you can break ground on your exciting new self-build construction project, there is one significant financial and project management decision that is still in front of you; do you buy or rent your plant machinery? Faced with what might seem like a long and costly construction project, many self-builders may be tempted to buy their own equipment, thereby avoiding any additional outlay further down the line, particularly if a project overruns. However, before you start looking for a second-hand mini excavator, there are some critical considerations that make renting the better option for the self-builder.


Plant machinery rented from a professional hire company comes to site properly maintained and expertly serviced and any breakdowns or problems that may occur on the job can be dealt with swiftly by the company, avoiding any unnecessary and costly delays to your project. Unforeseen downtime can be hugely damaging, even on a self-build project.


This is an absolutely vital consideration for any responsible self-builder. A well maintained and regularly serviced piece of machinery is vital to help avoid any accidents that could turn your dream project into a nightmare. As a self-builder, can you be certain that the machinery you have bought is still compliant with industry safety standards? Renting from a professional hire company gives you priceless peace of mind when it comes to site safety.


Plant machinery can occupy valuable room on a busy construction site, particularly if it is on a small domestic plot, and is also at risk of theft and damage when not in use. Say, for example, that you need a mini excavator for two different jobs on your project. If these two jobs are some time apart then you are responsible for properly storing your expensive investment. As a renter, you have the convenience of off-hiring and then re-hiring at a later date.

Here at Tiger Plant, you can hire any machinery and tools you need for your self-build. Contact us to find out more!

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