The Advantage Of Using A Mini Excavator

The Advantage Of Using A Mini Excavator

Mini diggers are in demand and have become popular in the past decade in the construction, housing, and infrastructure sectors, because of their high performance, practicality, excellent business values and reliability. However, not every mini excavator is fit for every job. That's why you should rent construction machines of different sizes and weights according to the job you need to complete. Below are some advantages of using a mini excavator.

  • Easily transported

The biggest concerns when hiring construction equipment is transporting them from one place to another. We all know that bigger machines are harder to transport and it may also cost extra to move around. That's why we offer a mini excavator because it is easier to transport by trailer or extended pickup beds.

  • Easier operation

Most operators can learn to use mini excavator's control in a matter of minutes. And almost anyone can use this piece of equipment and start right away.

  • Lower operating costs

Compared to big excavators, the mini excavators is much cheaper to hire. You can also save on commercial driver's licenses and special permits when hauling equipment on motorways. Saving your money on licenses and special permits is a major bonus for any contractor.

  • Agility

Compared to larger excavators, mini excavators can easily manoeuvre on any work site. Also, it can access all areas and decrease positioning time.

  • Lower noise pollution

Mini excavators produce less noise compared to their bigger counterparts. Reducing the stress of noise complaints can help the contractor and also the operator, so using a mini excavator is a must, especially when you're working on residential job sites.

  • Best for tight places

One of the main reasons a lot of contractors and builders prefer hiring mini excavators is because their small and compact size is suitable to work in difficult areas. With a wide range of different excavator attachments, the mini excavators can reach places which cannot be reached by normal digging machines.

Tiger Plant has an impressive supply of mini excavators for you. But if you’re not sure which mini excavator best suits your job, call our expert on 01793 886444 or send us an email at we are more than happy to advise.

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