The Advantages of Dumper Hire

The Advantages of Dumper Hire

There are numerous advantages to hiring a dumper truck to dispose of excavation waste on your construction project.

Dumpers are used primarily to move heavy materials quickly and easily including earth, debris, and other loose materials.

They are also able to travel easily across uneven, rough and muddy terrain.

The main advantage is that when hiring rather than buying a dumper you can hire a range of sizes from a one tonne dumper through to ten tonne dumpers. This means you can hire different sizes as the project proceeds depending on the specific requirements at any stage of the project.

It is always best to choose the right equipment for the job!

The smallest machines are tracked dumpers which can get into tight spaces and are narrow enough to fit through a standard doorway. These are perfect for rear garden projects or restricted access sites.

They may be small but they can carry as much as ten times as much as a standard wheelbarrow making the job quicker and more efficient. As well as easier on your back!

If, however, you find you are making dozens of trips with the mini dumper then it could be worth considering one of the larger vehicles.

Licencing & Training

As a pedestrian operated vehicle, mini dumpers require less training than some of the larger machines.

It is, therefore, possible to drive most dumper trucks with a Cat B driving licence although if you are driving one professionally you will need further training and a CPCS (Construction Plant Competence Scheme) licence.


The advantages of hiring rather than buying means you can access the latest models available, and at Tiger Plant, we have just increased our plant hire to include a ten tonne dumper.

Hiring newer models is much more cost-effective than buying. You also don’t have to consider the storage and maintenance costs between uses. Especially if the usage is infrequent.

You can also hire on a short-term basis which effectively allows you to trial the equipment to see if it is the right machine for the job in hand.

Here at Tiger Plant we have a number of specialist dumper trucks for hire. Give us a call on 01793 886444 and find out how we can help you with your project requirements.

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