The Beginners Guide to Digger & Dumper Hire

The Beginners Guide to Digger & Dumper Hire

There is no denying the cost of buying a digger and dumper, it’s simply something that many construction projects cannot afford. This is why we offer digger and dumper hire. Rather than using your entire budget on purchasing an expensive piece of construction equipment, you can hire everything from Tiger Plant for an affordable cost. Below, we have detailed how digger and dumper hire works, and what you can expect from our machinery.

How Does Digger and Dumper Hire Work?

As the name suggests, a digger is used to dig on a construction site. With a digger, you can build trenches and move waste materials. A dumper, on the other hand, is used to transport loose materials from one place to another. This includes sand, gravel, and earth.

There is a range of digger and dumper options, which means that there is something for every construction project. For example, a micro excavator is ideal for small jobs such as laying a patio or working on a garden. They are compact and can fit in small spaces, much like a tracked dumper, which is small enough to fit through side gates and work in a garden.

There are also diggers and dumpers available for much larger projects, such as our crawler excavator. With our crawler excavator, you can move large options and large volumes of material on a construction site. These are often used alongside a nine-ton dumper, which is the ideal choice if you have space to spare and a lot of material to dump.

All you need to do is let us know what you need, and we will organise everything. We can recommend the ideal digger and dumper for you, and arrange for the hire to go ahead without a problem.

Digger and Dumper Hire at Tiger Plant

As you can see, digger and dumper hire may appear to be a large undertaking but it does not need to be. At Tiger Plant, we work hard to ensure your digger and dumper needs are well taken care of. Whether you need a digger for a small construction or a dumper for something on a much larger scale, you can rely on us. To find out more about Tiger Plant, get in touch with our helpful team. We are always on hand to help with digger and dumper hire.

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