The Benefits of Micro Dumper Hire

The Benefits of Micro Dumper Hire

Here at Tiger Plant, we are fortunate to have a wide range of machinery on offer for our customers to hire out, and one of the most popular of our fleet is the Micro dumper. Designed perfectly for the smaller sites such as garden jobs, where mobility and speed are key. But what is a Micro dumper?

A micro dumper is designed to offer all the same perks as a regular size dumper but on a smaller and more maneuverable scale. They are able to lift into a skip or drop-side vehicle while carrying half a ton at a time. I think you’d agree that they’re small and mighty. A tracked dumper is the smallest dumper we have to offer here at Tiger Plant.

What can I use the Micro dumper for?

So you’re looking to hire a micro dumper for a job around your own grounds or at work on-site, but what do you really need it for? Here at Tiger Plant, we have the T.C.P HT500 Tracked Dumper, of which is only 700mm wide, meaning it can easily slip through side gates or alleyways, should your site be difficult to get to.

For those with larger gardens of which they are looking to do some work, the Micro dumper is the perfect all-in-one dumper that can offer a vast carrying capacity for its size as well as great agility. The micro dumper is renowned for being able to turn on the spot, a feat of which not many dumpers can boast.

Why should I consider Micro dumper hire as opposed to purchasing one outright?

The benefits of hiring a Micro dumper as opposed to buying one outright are plentiful. As with most business decisions, they are pivoted on cost. As to be expected, most plant hire machinery is expensive and micro dumpers are no different. Making an informed decision on what is best for your business financially is always best, you have to consider what the pros and cons are.

Rather than paying a large sum of money up-front to own a micro dumper outright, simply hiring your micro dumper through Tiger Plant hire is the much more cost-effective option. If you’re only going to use the machine once or twice and then store it, micro dumper hire through Tiger Plant is the option for you. It will not only save you money on the machine but will also save you money on maintenance and storage.

As is the case with a lot of plant-hire machines, they depreciate in value rapidly as soon as they are used, so it is rare that you will make money back on your investment. In order to avoid this disappointment, when you hire through Tiger Plant, the machinery is delivered to your site with a full tank of fuel. Thus, removing the depreciating asset on your hands. You also have the peace of mind that the machine delivered to you will be in the best possible condition. This means it is correctly maintained and safe.

Where can I find a micro dumper hire near me?

If you’re looking for micro dumper hire in the Swindon and Wiltshire area, Tiger Plant is the one for you. Our fleet is full of well-maintained and reliable machinery all ready for hire. You can rest assured that we will get your machine to you as quickly as possible as well. Our reputation is speed and quality after all.

We have a range of machinery available for hire, and even stock some plant machinery that is available to buy. If you have a problem or a question, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team and we will find the best solution! Got a few different queries? Why not consult our FAQs and keep an eye on our blog for regular industry news and updates.

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