The Best Telehandlers for Your Construction Project

The Best Telehandlers for Your Construction Project

As construction equipment goes, you’ll be hard-pressed to find plant more efficient and versatile than a telescopic forklift (or telehandler, for short). The lifting strength of a forklift and the reach of a crane combine to create a machine with unparalleled utility.

While telehandlers are by nature larger than forklift trucks, they’re still available in a wide range of sizes, from smaller and more manoeuvrable models to large beasts with immense power.

This begs the question: which telehandler is ideal for which job? Let’s find out!

What Are Telehandlers Used For?

For starters, let’s define some of the characteristics of telehandlers and the scenarios in which they operate best.

Like forklifts, telehandlers can be used to lift and carry large loads around a construction site. Unlike forklifts, however, they can lift objects up and over obstacles as well, as the telescopic arm operates on a horizontal axis as well as a vertical one.

This affords them superior reach and allows precise placement of payloads. As larger vehicles, they can also handle heavier loads than a forklift can. Different attachments can be attached to the end of the arm – such as buckets or hooks – for more specialised loads.

The main trade-off when choosing a telehandler over a forklift is the size of the machinery. They are larger and less navigable as a result, but this isn’t an issue if you understand the needs of your site before selecting a model.

Telehandlers for Small Construction Projects

If your site is of a smaller size, you’ll want a telehandler that’s more easily manoeuvrable in confined spaces. The maximum reach of a telehandler can be anywhere from 5m to 20m, and if space is at a premium onsite, you may want to look at machines that don’t exceed 10m capacities.

Choose the telehandler with the smallest possible cab that will remain practical for the needs of your project. Consider both lift height and maximum weight when making your choice. The JCB 535-95, for example, is a fantastic option for both manoeuvrability and carry weight; it can lift up to 9.5m and bear loads of 3500kg. This is more than enough for most domestic projects. If you’re looking for plant to serve you on a single self-build home or something of a similar scale, a 6m telehandler may be an even better bet!

If you’re unsure, browse what’s available and match the specifications to your requirements to choose the right machine, or get in touch with a specialist for expert advice.

Telehandlers for Larger Building Work

If you’re working on a larger site where mobility isn’t a problem, then the sky’s the limit.

To make the most of the additional space onsite, you may want to look at telehandlers ranging anywhere from 10m to 20m. At the upper limits of this specification, you can expect machines with maximum load weights of around 4000kg!

The same rule applies with larger telehandlers than with smaller models: namely, be sure to match your chosen telehandler to your specific needs.

Wiltshire Plant Hire to Meet Your Construction Needs

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For more helpful tips and tricks, read our ultimate guide to telehandler hire on the Tiger Plant blog.

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