The different excavator sizes we stock (and how to use them)

The different excavator sizes we stock (and how to use them)

At Tiger Plant, we stock a variety of excavator sizes for sale and for hire. An excavator is the industry term used to differentiate the specific machine from other digging machines. However, in layman’s terms, it may be called a digger.

We have four different types of excavators available for hire at Tiger Plant and some excavators available for purchase. Here we will discuss the types of excavators available and how you can correctly use them.

Excavators for sale in Swindon

Although we currently have one excavator available to purchase, we will also be introducing another style shortly. At present we have a KUBOTA KX080-4 in stock, sold with three buckets and in excellent condition. Coming soon is a HITACHI ZAXIS 130-5, which comes with four buckets and is also in excellent condition.

Our stocked excavators are constantly in rotation, with new models appearing regularly. Make sure you keep an eye on our website to see all of our newest in.

Excavators for hire

At Tiger Plant, we are proud of the wide range of excavators we stock for hire. From micro excavators to large crawler excavators, we have the machine to suit any job, from residential projects to large commercial ones.

Micro excavators for hire

The smallest excavators we stock are micro excavators. These small machines are fantastically versatile, as they can easily fit through most doors. If the location of your project isn’t very accessible, a micro excavator can still easily reach it.

Use a micro excavator for patios and small extension footings. If you can’t fit a larger excavator onto your site, a micro one will manage just fine.

Mini excavators for hire

A step up from micro excavators, the mini excavator offers more comfort and can handle slightly larger jobs. Like the micro excavator, its size allows you to freely move around sites with low accessibility or single plots. However, its comfortable cab allows the driver to sit inside without being exposed to the elements, and it holds more power than the micro version.

We often find our customers use these for accessible patios and landscaping projects. With six models to choose from for hire, you’ll be sure to find the perfect one for your project

Midi excavators for hire

With more digging depth and an increase in power, midi excavators should be suitable for most larger projects on accessible sites. Just as comfortable digging a patio as they are with digging a road, they can easily transition with civics work and industrial work.

Their larger size means they are usually cabbed and offer more extensive features. New models also tend to be compact and fuel-efficient. Use for larger projects and work that involves more power and can deal with the size of a large machine.

Crawler excavators for hire

The largest excavator in our collection is the crawler excavator. With a small tail swing, it can easily shift large volumes of earth. Although large, they have sensitive controls and are surprisingly nifty. Their cabs are a lot more comfortable than smaller excavators and are better for longer jobs.

Use your crawler excavator for industrial level work on large sites with good accessibility. Best when doing heavy civil works and smaller lifting operations.

Are you looking to buy or hire an excavator? At Tiger Plant, we have a digger to suit every need. You can even hire an operator if you don’t have anyone experienced on your team. Get in touch with us today if you have any questions we would be happy to help you.

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