Things to Consider Before Renting Construction Machinery

Things to Consider Before Renting Construction Machinery

Construction equipment rental is not exactly a new concept. However, this trend has continued to rise tremendously in recent years among contractors and the construction industry as a whole due to the advantages that it boasts compared to ownership of the construction equipment. You also need to keep in mind that your money, time and quality of the construction is at your hand when you rent a piece of equipment. Not only is it often a cheaper option to rent, but you may also avoid additional expenditure in maintenance, transportation and storage as well as being free from any worries from the depreciation of value when the time comes to resell.

Check your rental insurance for your machine hire

Depending on what equipment you wish to hire, you may be required to pay optional charges or mandatory, including fuel surcharges or environmental fees. Some companies require rental insurance for protection against any damage, theft and liability.

Only rent your machinery from reputable businesses 

Do some research before you decide on the rental company you're going to use. It's either through word of mouth or researching reviews online. Just find a company that is reliable and that other people have good experiences with. The rental company employees should have a very good understanding of the different pieces of equipment and should be able to help you find the right equipment for your job or project. Remember, always make sure that there is some way you can reach someone in case you need help or if there's any problem with the equipment.

Ensure you're fully trained before you hire

One big concern that always comes up when renting this heavy equipment is safety. What if your employees don't know how to use a certain piece of equipment? A reliable rental company will be able to provide you with the proper training you need to be able to use the equipment safely. Other companies offer training courses for everything from dismantling and erecting scaffolding to operating backhoes. And some even offer web-based training. This is an important consideration when renting equipment. 

If you haven't been trained, you may need to consider hiring an operator for your plant machinery. An operator has the specific training needed to ensure the utmost safety when on-site. They also have the experience that allows them to manoeuvre machinery with ease and precision.

Ask how often the machinery you're renting is maintained

Ask about the company you choose to rent your equipment from about their maintenance schedule. This reliable machinery needs to be regularly maintained. And if upgraded technology is important to you then ask if those upgrades are included in the regular maintenance of their machines. The biggest benefits of renting are that you have the option of using better and newer equipment without having to purchase it. Find out if the newest machinery is available from your rental company.

Check the return policy

If you want the transaction to go smoothly without causing any problems, know the return policy as well as the billing policy before you sign anything.

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