Tips To Safely Operate A Telehandler

Tips To Safely Operate A Telehandler

It is vital that all workers on a construction site know how to properly and safely handle the equipment they are operating. One piece of equipment commonly used in construction is the telehandler. This versatile machine can lift, move and place materials. When operating a telehandler, it is important to follow these safety tips to minimise the risk of incidents

Proper telehandler training

Proper hands-on training is essential when taking on a telehandler. Before using this equipment, make sure to read the operator’s manual and the safety signs printed on the machine. Understand and familiarise the location of safety devices and controls before starting your job.


Conduct an inspection prior to using the telehandler. Test the machine to see if it’s functioning well and check for any fault or problems. If the telehandler is malfunctioning, make sure to remove the equipment from service. Contact a qualified service technician to repair it immediately.

Hazard assessment

To avoid any accidents while operating the telehandler, you should check the workplace for any hazards. Take note of any drop-offs, holes, slopes, overhead obstacles such as power lines, and slippery and unstable surfaces. Develop a plan on how to avoid these hazards to ensure your safety.

Load capacity chart

Following the load capacity chart is crucial as it specifies the capabilities of certain equipment. As such, it should always be visible to the machine operator. Before loading any materials, check their weight first. Make sure that it doesn’t exceed the maximum capacity of the machine.

Obey rules

Make sure to obey safety rules and regulations. This includes those stated by your employer, as well as all applicable local and governmental laws that apply to telehandler operation.

Ensure operator’s safety

Like any other vehicle, wearing your seatbelt whilst operating the telehandler is a must. Try to adjust the seat and steering wheel to a level where you can easily reach the machine controls. Adjust side mirrors as well to maximise visibility. If the machine tips over, do not try to jump. Remain seated in the cab with your seatbelt fastened.

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