Top tips for buying plant machinery

Top tips for buying plant machinery

Purchasing plant machinery can be quite stressful because plant machinery is costly and can be very dangerous if items are faulted. Here are our top four tips for buying plant machinery.

Determine what your company needs

As earlier mentioned, plant machinery is very expensive and you, therefore, need to be very thorough when making a purchase. Make a list of what you must have and then start from there. If, for instance, you are conflicted about buying a dozer and an excavator, make a list of pros and cons. It might sound unnecessary but it is a very effective way of decision making.

Do your research

After determining what you are going to buy, conduct extensive research on the machines. Your research should cover dealers, equipment models, prices, brands, etc. This will not only help you get the best price in the market, but it will also ensure that you get the best quality.

Find a reputable dealer

Make a shortlist of a few dealers with the most competitive prices. Find out if the company has a Trustpilot page and look at their reviews. A Trustpilot page has reviews from verified customers and this ensures that you get genuine responses from the company’s previous customers. Ask the dealer for pictures, videos and do not forget to check for the company’s registration number. Use trusted sites like the Companies House when checking for registration information.

Ask for a tour

Just as you test drive a car before buying, make sure that you visit the dealer's warehouse or showroom before making a purchase. This gives you a chance to see the machinery and test out a few functions. This is particularly important if you are buying used equipment.

For all plant companies, equipment is an essential element of your business. The machinery you use affects the reputation of your company so be careful about your purchases.

Here at Tiger Plant, we’ll talk you through the process of plant machinery hire; letting you know what machinery would be best for your requirements. Contact us today to find out more.

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