Top Tips for Summer Construction

Top Tips for Summer Construction

British summertime is upon us, and with that comes a few seasonal changes to the way we work. On construction sites, in particular, long days outside become a little more bearable for the summer lovers – but they also carry a few caveats.

Looking after yourself, your workforce and your plant machinery is vital during the warmer months, so we’ve compiled a few tips for making the most of the summer construction season.

Watch Out for Plant Machinery Overheating

Of course, warmer temperatures mean your equipment will get hotter, quicker. Nothing stalls a job like a piece of plant machinery overheating and subsequently being unusable for an extended period of time.

Keep a closer eye on your equipment’s temperature gauges than usual and be sure to halt use if it’s getting too warm. Working on smaller loads at a time is another good way of preventing excessive heating, especially on hot days.

Stay Cool: The Importance of Sun Protection

The importance of watching out for heat fatigue really can’t be overstated; the UK can have some deceptively scorching days, particularly when they’re filled with outdoor work. Make sure that there are structures available to get some shade from time to time – we all know how draining the sun can be when working under it for too long.

Using air conditioning is a great way of combatting overheating and fatigue. Portable air conditioning units are ideal for setting up cooler areas, and they’re hireable through a plant hire business as well. This is an affordable alternative to outright buying AC units, which can be pricey.

Stay Hydrated: Water Bowsers and Drink Breaks

This is the most important tip on this list. Keeping yourself and the rest of your team hydrated will not only ensure peak performance but also prevent dehydration – a fate worse than plant machinery overheating.

If you’re a foreman or site manager, it’s worth enforcing periodic water breaks for your team. Having a conveniently placed water bowser on site will help with this, and they’re usually available in a variety of sizes to suit your storage needs.

Maximise Natural Light Hours

A big advantage of summertime construction work is the increased sunlight – while it can be a slog to work through it, it also means it’s easier to get work done without turning to floodlights or other largescale lighting solutions.

Beginning your mornings on site a few hours earlier than in the winter months – as well as shuffling shift patterns to make use of the increased light in the evenings – is a great way of cutting some of the costs associated with long nightshifts.

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