Trial pit excavation for soil analysis

Trial pit excavation for soil analysis

What is operated Plant hire?

We get a number of calls each week to help our customers who need a short term, quick solution to their problem: an operated plant hire company who can mobilise quickly to get an excavator and operator on site in Wiltshire. The projects we undertake are usually for a day or several days at a time, and involve us supplying a full turn key package to our clients who require things like:

  1. Soil sample analysis - excavation of the soil for on site testing by one their own operatives.
  2. Percolation testing - excavation of a square pit, of varying depth, which is then filled with water and timed. This gives the client an idea of how suitable the ground is for drainage.
  3. Trial Pit excavation - Digging out the ground in a long, shallow pit allows the customer to see the various types of substrate under the topsoil. They can analyse this information to determine things like the soils structural integrity.
  4. Plate testing and compaction testing - This usually requires using one of our excavators as counterweight to a testing operatives equipment. They use the equipment to measure deflection in the substrate such as tarmac, Type 1 or 6f5 sub-base.

So how can we help you?

If you are a ground/soil investigation company and you need a Plant hire company to provide a means of soil excavation and operator then you have reached the right place! Take a look at our video below to show one our operators in action.

What Excavator would you need?

Our hire desk team can help you decide which excavator you'll need for your project with a couple of details like how deep the excavation needs to be, the access restrictions on site and the weight required of the digger.

For more information on our operators and range of excavators, click here to contact us

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