What Equipment Do You Need For A Self-Build Project?

What Equipment Do You Need For A Self-Build Project?

With the age of DIY and social media tips and tricks upon us, it's no wonder so many people are having a go at a self-build project. Whilst you may think starting on a new self-build project is overwhelming, with the right equipment you could be on your way to mastering that self-build dream!

You may be just starting out on your self-build journey, or perhaps you're looking for some new equipment to up your self-build project, join us as we run through our suggestions for equipment to up your self-build game.

The top 5 DIY plant hire equipment for your self-build project

Micro Excavator and Compact 1-ton dumper

These machines are the perfect tools for those wanting to transform an outside space. Great for rear extensions or garden landscaping projects, they can save time and effort, with the alternative being painstaking manual labour work.

Micro Excavators and Diggers are the smallest DIY plant hire machines we offer here at Tiger Plant, making them perfect for fitting in smaller spaces. It’s what we would recommend if you are looking for a mini digger for a self-build.

Our compact micro diggers, such as our Bobcat e10z Compact Excavator and Wacker Neuson 803, have a width of only 700mm wide meaning they are able to fit through doorways or side gates, perfect for use for a range of domestic self-build projects. With a 1-ton capacity, they can also easily lift to empty their load into a skip, they are commonly called skip loaders.

Tracked Dumpers

If you're looking for a machine to carry significant amounts of material whether it be soil or building materials, a tracked dumper will do the job. Perfect for getting waste from a to b, these machines are an essential part of any self-build project.

self-build mini digger

Muck away and Tipper

If you're looking for some help to transport waste build materials then you may benefit from a muck away or tipper. Perfect for clearing your site ready to start your self-build project, these machines can be vital in spreading up an otherwise long-winded schedule.

Tipper and Muck away machines are at the centre of many of our projects and are capable of clearing and relaying crushed concrete. We find many of our projects run smoother with muck away and tipper machinery by our sides. If you are looking for tipper or muck away hire in Swindon or the surrounding areas we can help organise this through our trusted construction partners in the area.

1 Ton Dumper

1-ton dumpers are slightly different to your standard tracked dumpers. The next step up on the dumper-ladder, they are able to take on a far heavier load, so depending on your self-build this could be a better choice of DIY plant hire equipment for you.

The Trex Dumper TA1EH has a maximum safe load of 1000kg, great if you are looking to do some heavier projects. With a ‘twin lock’ control system and a heavy-duty 5mm skip base, this is perfect for those difficult self-build jobs.

DIY plant hire


If you are looking to lay concrete for your self-build project, then a roller is essential. Perfect for if you laying patios, roads or landscaping a garden, a roller applies direct pressure to an area helping to smooth and flatten it out.

We have many rollers available for hire here at Tiger Plant, from our range of 800 rollers all the way up to 1400 rollers, depending on the level of self-build project you are carrying out.

Want to know more about our range of plant hire self-build equipment?

Get in touch if you have any questions about us or about our machinery for hire here at Tiger Plant. Our team would be more than happy to help. Alternatively, if you are needing construction equipment long-term, browse our range of plant machinery for sale.

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