What is excavation?

What is excavation?

Excavation is, quite simply, the removal of earth to form a hole or a trench. It can be done with either a shovel and vast amount of elbow grease, or all manner of heavier plant machinery - depending on how much earth needs to be moved.

What is excavation for?

There is all manner of purposes why you might need to dig a big hole. Servicing/installing/replacing underground utility pipes and cables, for example. Another common cause for excavation is construction, digging out the space in which to place the foundations for a building. Excavation can happen for all manner of reasons and in all scales.

Are there different types?

Yes - topsoil excavation involves simply removing the visible first layer of earth, and any associated debris or vegetation. Following that is earth excavation, where soil underneath the topsoil layer is removed. This is often used to make embankments or to form the basis of foundations.

Rock excavation requires specialist machinery, such as drills, to break down the rock. In certain circumstances, explosives might be used to clear a stubborn, large rock cluster. Muck excavation involves the removal of soil which has turned to mud through exposure to moisture, which is unsuitable for any other use.

Getting professional assistance

Excavation is about more than just getting digging. Special care and attention needs to be in place to ensure the dig can be completed safely, without disturbing any utilities, wildlife, or vegetation. Depending on the depth of the dig, preparation must also be there to prevent the hole from becoming unsafe and caving in on itself.

This is why if you have an excavation project, it pays to consult with professionals to ensure you're doing things correctly. Tiger Plant and our Excavator Fleets , for example, can assist you with both the right know-how and the perfect plant machinery to make the job a breeze. Contact us today to find out more!

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