What You Need to Know Before Hiring a Mini Excavator

What You Need to Know Before Hiring a Mini Excavator

Excavators (also known as diggers) are perfect for topsoil excavations on sites where you need to relocate substantial amounts of earth quickly and easily. Of course, there is a range of digger sizes to choose from: from micro diggers to large crawler excavators, each will range in the scale and scope of jobs you can tackle with them.

Mini excavators sit somewhere in the middle of the size options. They’re still on the smaller side but are more robust than micro diggers (but not as hardy as midi diggers). If you think you might need a mini excavator for a UK construction project, then read on for everything you need to know before hiring one.

What Jobs Are Mini Diggers Good For?

Hiring a mini excavator will stand you in good stead for a variety of domestic and smaller scale construction jobs. Their buckets have a diminished size to dig at a more controlled pace, so they’re not recommended for large-scale projects. The cabs are also smaller and thus lighter, so don’t expect to be lifting industrial-size loads.

Instead, mini diggers are perfect for sites with limited access or on single plots. Domestic landscaping, patio reworks and general small-scale dirt shifting – this is where they excel.

Can I Operate a Mini Digger Myself?

One of the great advantages of mini diggers is that they’re easy to operate and don’t require a formal license when being used on private worksites (although you will need a license if you plan on driving it on a public road).

Thanks to their superior manoeuvrability and simple controls, they’re relatively easy to get to grips with. Take care, though; they’re still capable of causing serious damage if you’re not cautious. If you have any reservations or need more complex work done, it’s advised that you hire an operator to take care of the digging for you.

Other Sizes of Excavators

Your options don’t end with mini excavators. There’s a variety of different excavator models available to hire, from micro diggers capable of fitting through doorways to crawler excavators for heavy civil works.

If you think you may need another size, get in touch with a plant hire expert to explore your options.

A Quick Note on Planning Permission

Mini diggers are capable of making pretty substantial alterations to a site. Depending on the scale of your planned excavation, you may require planning permission to go ahead.

This is worth bearing in mind, as it’s extremely easy to excavate an area in a short time without a second thought – this is a great advantage of diggers but can also be dangerous if you’re ill-prepared beforehand.

Straightforward Mini Digger Hire with Tiger Plant

If you’re based in the UK and think a mini excavator sounds perfect for your needs, you’re in luck! Tiger Plant in Swindon, Wiltshire has a variety of mini diggers available for the needs of smaller sites.

Contact our friendly team today for a quote. We combine excellent customer service and plant machinery know-how to deliver matchless excavator hire in the UK.

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