Why You May Need to Hire a 6-Tonne Dumper

Why You May Need to Hire a 6-Tonne Dumper

It can often be difficult to work out what size dumper you may need for a job, but with Tiger Plant, we can help you find the one to get the job done efficiently. The midi range of our dumper fleet is well equipped to take on large projects with many of the dumpers boasting a variety of features to make them as versatile and efficient as possible. We are able to supply two types of 6 Ton Dumpers, both straight and swivel tip dumpers to suit your requirement.

Join us in this blog as we help you decide if the 6-tonne dumper is the machine you need for your job.

What is a 6-tonne dumper?

The hiring of a 6-tonne dumper for your site is a decision that will be one of the most beneficial ones you’ll make. They’re designed to transport earth and rubble from one location to another in a swift and efficient manner.

We have a superb selection of 6-tonne dumpers here at Tiger Plant, which include swivel dumpers, that are especially good in tight spaces. Thanks to their large skips, they are able to carry an exceptional amount of weight, in whatever form it may be.

Why a 6-tonne dumper is the best option for your job

If you’re about to undertake a job that requires the shifting of rubble or dirt, then a dumper should be near the top of your list. You’d be forgiven for thinking that when it comes to the right dumper for your job, bigger is better. But this is a common misconception, if you’re to hire a 9-ton dumper from Tiger Plant you will require an operator or the appropriate qualification to operate machinery over 8 tonnes.

This is why the 6-tonne dumper makes the most sense. The maximum size dumper that doesn’t require a qualification to operate. One of the most popular 6-tonne dumpers available is the Mecalac/Terex 6T Dumper. It is specially designed to keep you going in the toughest working conditions. With its powerful engine and reinforced thick steel skip it is built to take on the harsh weather conditions that an all-year-round dumper would normally face.

Hire a dumper with Tiger Plant today

Explore the wide range of dumpers that we have available in the Tiger Plant fleet. We have tracked dumpers, 1-tonne all the way through to 9-tonne dumpers available for your use.

After more than just a dumper? Explore the fleet

We have a wide range of machinery available for hire, including excavators, telehandlers and rollers among many other types of machines. No matter the job, Tiger Plant has the machinery you need for the job.

Got a question about hiring from Tiger Plant?

If you have any questions regarding hiring or our machinery, please consult our FAQ section. If you still haven’t got the answer you were after, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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