Construction Tools For Hire

Construction Tools for Hire in Wiltshire

Whether you need climate control equipment, portable scaffolding, or other compact construction gear, Tiger Plant in Wiltshire has the right tools for hire near you.

We stock a variety of construction tools for hire, all of which are available on flexible rental plans dependent on your requirements. Hiring the right tools in Wiltshire has never been more convenient.

Stay Warm and Dry with Portable Heating

Having every working environment at the ideal temperature can make a real difference, and our great portable heating units are perfect for commercial use. Thanks to the infrared heatwaves that warm people and objects as opposed to the air, Tiger Plant’s Rhino heaters are fantastic for localised heating or for drying paintwork.

Explore our portable heaters for hire to stay warm on winter sites.

Air Conditioning Units for Superior Summer Comfort

If you’re keen on making the warm South West summers a little more bearable, a heavy-duty Tiger Plant air conditioning unit will keep you cool. We have a variety of highly portable air conditioners to meet your needs, all with unique specs to suit any environment.

Get in touch to find out more about our available air conditioning units.

Hire an Industrial Dehumidifier for Quick Drying

Our portable EBAC commercial dehumidifiers for hire are the perfect tool for the job if you’re after extra speedy site drying and humidity control. By removing excess air moisture, site work can be completed even quicker, making this ideal for extensive indoor paintwork or any other site work that requires faster completion and more comfortable conditions.

Wacker Plates: Excellent Plant Machinery for Expert Compacting

When building a patio, filling in a pothole or generally preparing the ground on a site, plate compactors (also known as wacker plates) are a great way of compacting the ground. 

Tiger Plant supplies high-quality Wacker Neuson compactors that are easy to use; the vibrating metal plates quickly and comprehensively compact any gritty surface, eliminating pockets of air and resulting in a smooth and flat ground surface.

Explore our available wacker plates for hire today.

Sturdy Cement Mixers for Everyday Construction Jobs

A robust cement mixer is a crucial component for any construction work. At Tiger Plant, we have some solid and reliable portable cement mixers courtesy of Belle and Widget as part of our comprehensive plant machinery catalogue. A dependable cement mixer will save you time and effort when mixing concrete, making it an indispensable tool onsite.

Mobile Access Towers – The Ideal Portable Scaffolding Solution

Finally, our mobile access towers for hire round off our selection of construction tools. They provide safe and stable portable scaffolding that’s versatile and easy to assemble, helping you reach new heights when you need to. 

Perfect for accessing harder to reach areas with more stability than a traditional ladder and extremely compact and mobile when collapsed, access towers are a crucial tool and one available in our plant hire catalogue - get in touch to find out about availability today!

Why Choose Us For Reliable Plant Hire

Tiger Plant serves the South West’s plant hire needs from our base in Swindon, Wiltshire. We offer flexible hire terms to suit your needs whether you need equipment for a day, a week or even longer.

We believe in eliminating the fuss when hiring plant tools and go the extra mile in assuring your needs are met, so whether you’re a retail or trade customer and you’re looking for tools or other plant equipment for rent, we’d love to hear from you. I

You can also see our handy FAQ for answers to our most popular questions.

Hire Plant Tools and Equipment with Tiger Plant

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