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Small excavators are very popular for excavations and landscaping in areas where there may be restricted access, particularly in residential areas and gardens. Micro diggers are so-called because this size of excavator is usually associated with diggers from 0.75 tonnes to 1.2 tonnes and is easily towable on a small trailer or transported on a small vehicle that would not need special licensing requirements.

Due to their size, they will usually fit through doorways and garages of residential properties. They will take a bit of getting used to if you are not used to operating them but many homeowners will choose to self drive these machines on their own property. If you are not an experienced operator you should take your time to familiarise yourself with the digger. They may be small but they can still cause substantial damage to property and to the machine itself if they are misused.

Micro diggers are popular for digging foundations and small groundworks for home extensions, conservatories, driveways and general landscaping works.

Although a micro digger will achieve the desired results for you it will take more time than a larger excavator because the digging power and the bucket sizes will be less than a larger excavator. If you have the room for a larger excavator you may find that a 2.5-tonne digger will get your job done faster but you should employ a more experienced operator in a machine of this weight and of these proportions. An experienced operator will likely cost you upwards of £20 per hour but this cost will probably save you money in the length of the hire and fuel used because the hire becomes more efficient. A Micro digger is likely to cost you around £180.00 per week plus VAT and you should also remember to budget for the transport cost and the fuel. Obviously the further away you are from the depot the more it will cost to get a digger transported to your home or workplace. These costs

When you hire a digger you will need to make sure that you have insurance in place for any eventuality that may be out of your control like an accident or theft of the machine. Plant insurance is pretty easy to arrange and most insurance companies will be able to offer you a quote. However, for short hires, you may choose to take out a policy with the hiring company to cover a short period. Ask your hire company about this if you are unsure. If you want to cover all risks yourself if the digger is on your own premises you will have to sign a disclaimer to say you understand the risks.

If you are requiring a larger excavator you should assess what you need to do with it so you hire the correct size for the job you need to do. Do you have any access restrictions? Does the ground need to be protected? How deep do you need to excavate? Hiring a digger that is bigger than you need can easily cost you hundreds of extra pounds if you have had the digger for more than a week or two. If you need to use a digger for lifting too then you need to check that the machine can lift the weight of the material that you want to lift. If you need an experienced operator for larger excavators you will likely see costs of £25.00 per hour and upwards.

If you are unsure your local plant hire specialist will be able to help you. Tiger Plant offers a range of excavators for hire from a 1-tonne micro digger to 22-tonne excavators. Tiger Plant can also supply experienced operators if you need them. Call us if you have any questions on 01793 886444.

We understand that machine downtime costs our clients money, so we provide reliable, affordable Diggers and Plant with exceptional service. Call us today on 01793 886444 and let us help you find the machine for the job.

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