Forklift Hire

We offer a range of counterbalance forklift options to suit your material handling needs. Forklifts come in many shapes and sizes built to make lifting easier in many different areas of industry. There are many ingenious designs to suit various tasks but the most popular is the counterbalance forklift where the load is in front of the driver on a vertical mast. There are several considerations when it comes to choosing the right forklift for your job. We also stock the  popular JCB 4x4 Teletruk which offers all the characteristics of a counterbalance forklift but with an extending boom.

How heavy is the load you want to lift is the most important question. This will ensure you don't have a forklift that will be too small and either not be able to lift the load or even worse will tip forward because the weight of the truck is too light. The next consideration is how high you need the load to be lifted. We offer mast sizes from 3000mm to 6500mm and many sizes in-between. Many of our trucks are what are known as container spec which means they will fit into a shipping container to move a load and the mast will be known as a full free lift mast which means the mast does not increase in height until the forklift carriage reaches the height of the forklift itself. As well as your load capacity make sure you check you have enough room to operate the size of machine you need, and you check any height restrictions for the mast.

For rough and uneven ground, we have rough terrain forklifts. These are diesel powered and have larger wheels and a lower ground pressure to move easily over this type of surface.
Our forklift capacities start at 1800KG and with 2000KG, 2500KG, 3000KG, 3500KG, 4500KG and 5000KG we have a range of forklifts to suit your needs. We run forklifts from Linde, Hyster, CAT, SAMUK, Yale and Toyota.

Many of our forklifts run on gas to give you the flexibility to run them inside and outside of any building. We have a selection of diesel engines which will offer a bigger fuel tank and negate the need to change gas bottles.

We also run lithium battery electric forklifts, but these are only 1800KG capacity trucks which remove the need for cumbersome 3 phase chargers and the need to have an electrician fit an electrical supply in for you. This is especially relevant if you only need a short hire. The lithium batteries will enable the trucks to run continuously for 3 hours but in many instances you will not be using the truck continuously for 3 hours. The forklift will be stopping and starting. However, with a 3 pin 13 amp plug with this battery unit which is neatly fitted under the seat you can charge this forklift easily at any plug socket. The battery will charge 10% in 7 minutes if you are caught out and the battery runs flat. These forklifts are becoming ever more popular as they can work inside buildings with no emissions and offer the opportunity to plug it in easily at any socket when you are not using it.

Call us at Tiger Plant if you have any more questions or if you would like to talk to us about your requirements. Our forklifts are available for short or long term hire and we can supply operators too for either long term or just to unload a lorry for you.

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