Forklift Hire

Elevate your construction project with Tiger Plant’s exceptional forklift equipment solutions. With a range of counterbalance forklift options to suit your material handling needs, we can enhance your project with precision and power. Dive in to explore how our high-quality forklifts and seasoned operators can complete your work today!

Choosing the Right Forklift Option For Hire

With forklifts from brands including Linde, Hyster, CAT, SAMUK, Yale and Toyota, there are a wide range of solutions to choose from. When selecting the right forklift for your job, take into consideration some of the following specifications:

Load Capacity

How heavy is the load you want to lift? Choosing the right capabilities will ensure you don't have a forklift that will be too small – risking being unable to lift the load or even tipping forwards. Our forklift capacities start at 1800KG and with 2000KG, 2500KG, 3000KG, 3500KG, 4500KG and 5000KG we have a range of machinery to suit your needs. For larger loads, see our range of telehandlers.


We offer most sizes from 3000mm to 6500mm and many sizes in between. Many of our trucks are ‘container spec,’ meaning they will fit into a shipping container to move a load, with full free lift masts that do not increase in height until the forklift carriage reaches the height of the forklift itself.


For rough and uneven ground, we have rough terrain forklifts. These are diesel-powered and have larger wheels and a lower ground pressure to move easily over challenging types of surfaces.

Gas, Diesel &. Electric Forklift Hire

Many of our forklifts run on gas to give you the flexibility to operate them inside and outside of any building.

We have a selection of diesel engines which will offer a bigger fuel tank and negate the need to change gas bottles.

We also run 1800KG capacity lithium battery electric forklifts. These are versatile, without the need for cumbersome 3-phase chargers or an electrician to fit them – making them an ideal choice for short hires. They can be charged with ease at any plug socket and, when combined with their no emission operations, are becoming an ever more popular choice.

Why Choose Tiger Plant for Your Forklift Hire?

Quality Equipment

At Tiger Plant, we go the extra mile to keep our forklift fleet in tip-top shape. These machines are more than tools; they're a testament to our commitment to excellence. Trust us for forklifts that are ready to roar into action!

Wide Range of Options & Forklift Attachments

Whether it's a nimble electric forklift or a robust diesel workhorse, we've got it all. Need specialised forklift attachments? We've got those too. With Tiger Plant, you're equipped to conquer any construction challenge that comes your way!

Experienced Operators

Our certified operators aren't just drivers; they bring unrivalled efficiency to your operations. You can choose to hire our experienced professionals to execute your project with precision and safety, giving you complete confidence. Find out more about out operator hire today.

Regulatory Compliance

Safety isn't negotiable at Tiger Plant. Our forklifts meet and exceed industry safety standards and regulations. Each machine is well-maintained and inspected to ensure compliance with local and national safety guidelines. Your peace of mind? Guaranteed.

Competitive Pricing

Our Forklift Hire starts from £90 per week. Browse our selection above and get in touch with our expert team to organise your forklift hire today.

Learn More About Tiger Plant Hire Solutions

Uncover answers to your questions about forklift hire and more in our FAQ section. Still curious? Don't hesitate to get in touch. We're here to make your forklift hire journey seamless and exciting! Our forklifts and operators are available for short or long-term hire to meet your requirements.

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