14M Telehandlers

Tiger Plant Hire’s fleet of telehandlers and forklifts includes those with impressive 14m max lift heights. Telehandlers benefit from the choice of a variety of attachments, including buckets, hooks, jibs, fork extensions and even tipping skips.

If you’re working on a site and think a 14m telehandler could be what you need, don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more!

Telehandlers: What Do They Do?

As we covered in our ultimate guide to telehandler hire, telehandlers are fantastic for lifting, transporting and precisely placing large loads when operating on rough terrain and larger sites. They’re intricate and often tricky to handle, but the impact they can have on a job is indispensable.

Telehandlers work best when they have plenty of space in which to manoeuvre. This rings especially true for the larger telehandlers (like the 14m variety).

Ensure you have a qualified telehandler operator in your team when hiring one. If you don’t, no problem; Tiger Plant offers drivers for hire alongside our range of plant machinery.

What Are 14m Telehandlers Used For?

In general, telehandlers are fantastic on larger sites with good access and plentiful space in which to manoeuvre large machinery. This is especially true for 14m telehandlers like the JCB 540-140 – even with its fantastic mobility, it’s still on the large side and requires some skill to navigate around a site.

Telehandlers excel at transporting and placing all manner of site materials, from messy substances like sand and water to solid structures of all shapes and sizes. Able to lift weights of up to 4,000kg, a 14m telehandler is a boon when handling heavy payloads and reliably placing them exactly where they need to be.

Telehandler Hire Costs Breakdown

As with all plant equipment and machinery, the hire costs of a telehandler will vary according to the overall length of the hire period and the size of the model.

You can expect to receive a discount for hiring your telehandler over a longer period, while the price of a larger telehandler will be greater than that of a smaller model with a lower maximum reach.

Consider also whether you need to hire an operator if you don’t already have access to one. Overall, your hire options are very flexible with Tiger Plant, so chat with us to find out how we can meet your needs.

Additional Costs When Hiring a Telehandler

Fuel: telehandlers run on diesel, so you’ll need to take this into account onsite to ensure you have access to a refuelling solution.

Insurance: You’ll need to take out insurance when hiring plant machinery, which is fairly simple to do. Find out more from your business or home insurer.

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