6M Telehandlers

Forklifts and telehandlers come in a versatile range of sizes. Tiger Plant Hire’s 6m telehandlers are some of the best when it comes to compactness and manoeuvrability.

We have a great selection of forklifts and telehandlers for hire in Swindon, from 5m forklifts to massive 18m telehandlers. Our telehandlers start with vertical lift heights of 6m, making this the smallest and easiest to manoeuvre from all those available.

Why Choose a Telehandler?

Telehandlers can lift loads both vertically and on a horizontal axis, making them a much more versatile option than standard forklifts. They’re perfect for lifting loads up and over obstacles when clean, precise movement and additional reach are required.

Further aiding their usefulness is the variety of mast attachments available. A standard forked attachment – like the one found on a regular forklift – is available, but you can swap this out for other attachments like hooks or buckets when handling more unconventional loads.

All in all, telehandlers are a great option for finer load-lifting and placement. The only trade-off is that they’re larger than your average forklift and somewhat harder to operate. Nevertheless, they do tricky jobs that forklifts can’t, making them indispensable on certain sites.

6m Telehandlers – More Compact, More Versatile

6m telehandlers are the perfect option when you want to make use of a telehandler’s versatility with the least additional bulk possible. The lift height of just 6 metres means they’re smaller than their counterparts with higher vertical lift, making them perfect for sites with less access.

The diminished size is nothing to scoff at, however. A 6m telehandler can still lift loads of up to 2500kg, which in many instances is more than enough!

If you’d like to browse our full range of forklifts and telehandlers for hire, see our Telehandler & Forklifts page.

How Much Does Telehandler Hire Cost?

The price you pay will vary based on a couple of factors. Firstly, you should expect to pay more for a telehandler than you would a forklift, due mostly to their higher value as assets. However, 6m telehandlers are the cheapest we have available due to their smaller size and smaller lift height, making them a cost-effective telehandler hire option.

The other cost factor is the length of your hire period. Longer hires will typically cost less per week, so make use of this to get the best value for money.

For more information and exact pricing, contact our friendly team, who will be more than happy to point you in the right direction.

Hiring a Telehandler Driver Through Tiger Plant Hire

Because telehandlers require a slightly different type of certification to forklifts, you’ll need to hire a driver if you don’t have a telehandler-certified driver on your team. With Tiger Plant Hire, you can hire a forklift or telehandler operator alongside the machine itself, giving you the ultimate peace of mind.

Find out more about operators for hire, or get in touch with our team to make an enquiry.

Hire Your 6m Telehandler Through Tiger Plant Hire Today

If you’re ready to hire a telehandler or you have any questions, we’d love to hear from you! Our team is passionate about seeing to the plant hire needs of Wiltshire with efficient and reliable service.

If you’re unsure of the right plant for your needs, don’t hesitate to ask us – we’ll be able to get you set up with the perfect gear for the job.

To get started, give us a ring on 01793 352771 or email us at hiredesk@tigerplant.co.uk.

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