7M Telehandlers

As we work our way up through the forklift and telehandler range, 7m telehandlers become a great option. They’re extremely versatile, with impressive reach and a compact enough frame that they retain much of the manoeuvrability of 6m telehandlers.

At Tiger Plant Hire in Swindon, Wiltshire, our goal is to help you choose the right forklift or telehandler for your site’s needs – be it a compact 5m forklift, a mighty 17m telehandler or anything in between.

What’s the Difference Between a Telehandler and a Forklift?

Chances are you’re familiar with the basic functions of a forklift – they typically consist of a driver’s cab and a mast that lifts loads vertically with the help of a forked attachment.

Telehandlers – also called telescopic forklifts – are also used to lift and transport loads, but they have an advantage over forklifts: they can also lift loads up and away from the driver’s cab.

Because of their increased functionality, they tend to be larger than forklifts on average. Their bigger cabs are also weighted to counterbalance the more intricate masts. Telehandlers are perfect for lifting loads up and over obstacles, making them great for the precise transport of loads despite their larger frames.

Why a 7m Telehandler Might Be Right for You

While telehandlers can use the same forks that a forklift does, they benefit from enhanced customisability. Buckets, hooks and other attachments can be used instead, transforming your telehandler into a crane-like machine when needed.

If you have a job that needs this level of customisation and additional mobility, a telehandler is your best bet. Telehandlers with a 7m lift capacity are still on the small side compared to larger models on offer, meaning they’re some of the more mobile units available. This makes them ideal for sites with limited access that still require further reach and a heavier load capacity.

Factors That Affect Telehandler Hire Price

Telehandlers range in price depending on:

  • Size (maximum lift height/weight)

  • The length of the hire period

Long term hire will cost less per week than short term, so factor this into your budget and work schedule. 7m telehandlers are still on the smaller side, so they will cost less than larger models – but usually more than smaller models and forklifts. If a particular unit has caught your eye, contact our team today to discuss pricing.

Do You Need a Telehandler Operator?

To further enhance your plant hire experience, Tiger Plant offers telehandler drivers for hire. This is a convenient option if you don’t have a trained driver on your team. Speak to an advisor to enquire about hiring a driver alongside your telehandler (or other plant machinery).

Contact Tiger Plant to Hire a 7m Telehandler Today

If a 7m telehandler sounds like the option for you, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us to enquire about availability, and we’ll answer any outstanding questions you have.

If you’re still unsure of what size telehandler you need, don’t worry – our team can help you choose the right one. Alternatively, see our full range of telehandlers & forklifts to compare our large range of options.

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