What is a Telehandler?

What is a Telehandler?

Everything You Need to Know About a Telehandler 

Telehandlers (also known as telescopic handlers), are a key piece of equipment for the construction and plant industry. It’s a versatile piece of equipment, meaning it’s not limited to one or two key functions. It doesn’t matter whether you need to reach up high or carry a heavy load, a telehandler is likely to come in useful multiple times.

Versatile & adaptable 

A telehandler can be fitted with a wide range of specialist attachments, again meaning that it can be a versatile and valuable addition, and it can be quickly changed from one purpose to another. For example, it can be fitted with a pallet fork attachment to allow it to reach further than a standard forklift and then fitted with a bucket or hook in order to carry different types of loads.

If you need to reach up high or reach something in a small space, a telehandler can help.

Compared to a forklift 

Telehandlers are usually used to move heavy materials from A to B, using one of the many attachment options available. It can lift materials both vertically and horizontally, which is something a standard forklift is unable to do. This means a telehandler can make very precise movements, such as lifting heavy loads over complex obstacles, and navigate uneven ground or rough terrain.

What is a Telehandler

Telehandler Hire at Tiger Plant [h2]

Due to its ability to function in a variety of ways, a telehandler is something a lot of plants and construction sites rely on. However, buying a telehandler outright is not something that is financially viable for all companies. This is why telehandler hire is the ‘go-to’ solution for many.

Tiger Plant offers a variety of size of Telehandlers, from 5m all the way up to 17m. For help deciding on the right one for your needs, get in touch with Tiger Plant today.

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